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Platform as a Service (PaaS Hosting)


Designed for Developers

Included is a full suite of apps, templates, and tools to save you development time. The environment integrates easily with git, svn, ANT, Maven, and popular IDEs (Eclipse, IDEA, NetBeans) for efficient development of your Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Node.js apps. Also included is support for Docker® and access to a full API.

Rapid Deployment

The PaaS environment also saves you deployment time.  With a few clicks of a mouse your application is operational. Within seconds you can enable auto-scaling and set your minimum and maximum resource parameters. For complex configurations, the eApps PaaS allows you to set up HA and DB clusters easily. You can even deploy your apps using the API.

Rock Solid for Production

The eApps PaaS runs on a top of the line infrastructure with fast, reliable servers, a 100% SSD storage system, and enterprise grade backup system using R1Soft. You can expect reliable and high performing platform for your critical application. As an added bonus, the ability to set auto-scaling of RAM and CPU with NO Downtime provides for “No Worries” operation.


Your eApps PaaS uses a “pay for what you use” pricing model. You never pay for a buffer of computing resources that you do not need. Each deployment includes an allowance for traffic and disk space, and includes backups, at no additional cost. You also have the ability to put an environment to “sleep,” saving resource usage costs.

Future Proofed

Jelastic, our vendor and partner for the eApps PaaS, is a leader in hosting technologies for developers. Jelastic is well funded and has a visionary team consisting of the brightest minds in application hosting. You can count on them to deliver the new development and production technologies you need to succeed.

24/7 Support

Every PaaS environment includes support via phone, chat, or email by system administrators that care. We have excellent Getting Started documentation. However, one of the support benefits that our customers really appreciate is the included, free assistance for new deployments. Our staff is standing by to help you achieve success with your application!


Pay for what you use

Our “Pay for What you Use” pricing model consistently results in savings of over 50%, and even more than 75%, of the cost of a comparable fixed resource hosting model. With the eApps PaaS, you pay only for the resources you actually use, up to resource limits that you set. The chart on the right shows the difference between the two pricing models.

Fixed Price: The dark line at the top of the chart represents the cost of a fixed price plan. With this type of plan you must pay for enough resources to cover the highest peak of usage (total of the green shaded area plus the red shaded area). If your usage ever exceeds the allocation for your fixed price plan, your site might crash or have operational issues.

Pay for What you Use: With the eApps PaaS pricing model, your resources are automatically expanded and then reduced to meet demand. Only your actual usage is billed. You pay only for the green shaded area. The red shaded area represents your savings, i.e. the excess you would pay under the fixed price.

Why pay for a resource buffer when you can scale dynamically as needed?

Pay for What You Use Hosting

Simplified Resource Accounting

There are only four billable resources to consider, as described below. Usage is billed hourly against a pre-paid balance. Billing is simplified even further because of the free included allowances for disk, traffic and dynamic cloudlets.

Your eApps PaaS has a control center called the Jelastic dashboard. From the dashboard you can control all resource settings, including setting your bounds for autoscaling. The system captures usage statistics for all resources and provides reports. You can review both usage and billing statistics so you always know where you stand.


PaaS Hosting - Don't Pay for Buffer

RAM and CPU    autoscaling RAM and CPU

The unit of measure for these resources is the “cloudlet,” which consists of a set quantity of both RAM and CPU. You have the ability to specify a guaranteed allocation of “Reserved” cloudlets and optionally a maximum allocation of “Dynamic” cloudlets, if you want auto-scaling.

You are only billed for your Reserved cloudlets plus Dynamic cloudlets usage when autoscaling, up to the maximum limits you have set. Reserved Cloudlet prices start at only $3 per month ($.00411 per hour), with discounts of up to 30% for larger quantities used.

Network Traffic   free traffic included with eApps PaaS Hosting

Your first 2 GB per hour of data transfer is free! That comes out to about 1460 GB per month, sufficient for most customer’s needs. Usage above 2 GB per hour is billed at $0.19 per GB with discounts of over 40% for larger volumes of traffic. All internal traffic is free.

Disk   eApps PaaS Hosting has fast SSD disk

Your first 10 GB of rocket fast, persistent, SSD disk space usage is absolutely free! This allowance is sufficient for most deployments. Actual disk usage in excess of 10 GB is billed at just $0.15 per GB per month ($0.0002 / hour). The disk system is 100% SSD, is persistent, and is backed up to our mass storage system at no additional charge!

Also, with the eApps PaaS hosting service, you do not have to pre-pay for disk space that is more than what you need. The system automatically adjusts the size of your disk, up and down, to meet your storage needs! The disk usage cost savings for most customers is substantial.

IP Addresses   public IP addresses for eApps PaaS Hosting

By default, the eApps PaaS hosting service uses a proxy to resolve your domain without the use of a dedicated public IP. If you need a public IP for SSL, or to ensure maximum throughput for a high activity site, the price is $2.00 per month ($.0028 / hour).

FREE Trial – Rapid Setup

Start your FREE 14 day trial today. Click the START YOUR FREE TRIAL widget and you will soon be test driving this “next generation” platform! Restrictions apply.

Backups Included!

We backup everything in your account multiple times a day, at no extra charge, using the leading commercial grade backup software from R1Soft.

Blazing Speed

Fast Xeon CPUs, high speed network devices and connections, and a 100% SSD disk storage system ensure that your web apps run very fast.